SLP Heavy Duty TRA Primary Clutch Puller for 1998-2017 Ski-Doo 6/800 Models - 20-213


SLP Heavy Duty TRA Primary Clutch Puller for 1998-2017 Ski-Doo 6/800 Models - 20-213

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This clutch puller is designed to pull even the toughest of clutches off the tapered crankshaft. Made of high-quality heat-treated material, this tool is made to last.

Once primary clutch is off sled, puller can also be used to remove outer clutch assembly from center shaft to service rollers, arms, arm pins and spring. To do this thread puller into clutch until there is a 1" gap between puller head and black rubber damper. Hold the clutch by the movable sheave and hit the head of the clutch puller with a 3lb hammer which will release the outer clutch assembly from center shaft.

Proudly made in the USA.

Works in place of OEM pullers # 529022400, 529000063. 529000064, 529036275

Will NOT fit 2017+ Ski-Doo 600/850 G4 models (refer to SLP part number 20-228).

SLP Clutch Puller Tips

This clutch puller will work on many different models. Refer to the model specific factory service manual for the correct primary clutch removal/installation instructions and torque specifications. If installing a SLP clutch kit, refer to the installation instructions specific to that kit or contact Starting Line Products Inc. Tech Support.

1. Wipe the clutch puller threads and tip clean to remove any dirt and apply clean grease to the threads and tip of clutch puller.

2. This puller is not designed to be used with an impact driver. Damage to drive clutch, crank and puller may occur. Damage from misuse or neglect is not covered under manufacturer's warranty.

3. For extremely stuck clutches, it is recommended to fill the center cavity of the primary clutch with grease before inserting the clutch puller. This will increase the force being exerted on the clutch and will hydro lock the clutch off the tapered shaft.

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