Slednecks made its huck into the world of snowmobiling with the launch of the first Slednecks movie in 1998. It all started with a group of friends around Jackson, Wyoming that decided to start filming the sick lines and huge air they were getting on their snowmobiles. Some of the OGs like Dan Adams, Cameron Elliot, and Shad Free along with Producer and founder of Slednecks, Jason Moriarty decided that they needed to capture how they were pushing the sport to the next level. In 2002, founder Jason Moriarty and his business partner John Keegan started Slednecks Outerwear and Apparel as a spin off of the film series to address the need for cool looking functional outerwear and apparel that currently hadn't been addressed by the industry. Slednecks continues to innovate and would like to give thanks to all the athletes and fans out there that have pushed themselves and the sport to new levels. These individuals embody the Slednecks spirit of self-expression and freedom. The freedom to face your fears, push your limits, and be who you want to be, not what someone else tells you to be.

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