SPY Happy Lens Technology


What is the Happy Lens?

The all new, patent-pending SPY Happy Lens™ fuses years of optics design experience with a large and growing body of scientific research to redefine lens innovation and is the only lens technology designed to maximize the best transmission of the sun's "good" rays (specific long-wave blue light), while still blocking out its "bad" rays (UV and short-wave blue light). Exposure to the "good" rays has been shown to help align the human body's rhythm with its natural preference for specific color and wavelengths, creating positive changes that can help harmonize our body-creating a positive physiological "uplift" in mood and alertness. Additionally, the SPY Happy Lens™ is polarized and has color and contrast enhancements that are so clear you can feel the difference. In short, the SPY Happy Lens™ helps you not only SEE BETTER, but FEEL BETTER.

How does the Happy Lens work?

The innovative SPY Happy Lens™ is designed with a special, proprietary lens curve that transmits a specific maximized amount of good rays while still blocking the bad. The SPY Happy Lens™ lets you SEE BETTER by providing the ultimate viewing experience-a crisp, color and contrast-enhancing lens with Trident™ polarization technology to block the sun's harmful rays while providing an unrivaled visual experience that taps into the body's natural desire of the "good" rays. These "good" rays not only help create this vivid visual experience, they have a lasting positive impact on the body that can be felt after the lenses have been taken off... FEEL BETTER.

What are the benefits of the SPY Happy Lens?

The most significant benefit of SPY's Happy Lens™ is that it allows in a specific maximized amount and range of "good" rays (long-wave blue light). Like other premium SPY sunglasses, it also protects our eyes from debris, glare, and the "bad" rays (UV and short-wave blue light). Research has shown that these specific good rays are key to promoting balance in the body. These studies state: When the human body is exposed to long-wave blue light through the eyes, a positive physiological "uplift" in mood and alertness occurs. In short, this contributes to us being happy.

Is the SPY Happy Lens better than a polarized lens?

Yes! It's like polarized lenses on steroids! The SPY Happy Lens™ not only features our patent-pending Happy Lens™ technology, it has Trident® polarization and color and contrast-enhancement so clear you can see the difference. Literally!

What is the inspiration behind the SPY Happy Lens?

SPY has been an innovator in sunglass technology and styling since its beginning. In 1994, it developed the game-changing Scoop® ventilation system to help keep its sunglasses and goggles fog-free. SPY made several other innovations since, including Trident® polarization, the Lock Steady™ fingerprint-free lens changing system, and the Fast Track™ performance lens change system, among others. After our product team worked with scientists to cull from the large and growing body of research on the positive "uplift" affects of "good" rays (specific long-wave blue light), we endeavored to create a lens technology that offered the benefits of these "good" rays-which are largely blocked out by all other lenses-but still protected from the "bad" rays.

Isn't the blue light harmful to our eyes?

"Bad" light waves-which include Ultraviolet (UV) and High Energy Visible (HEV)/short-wave blue light-have been linked to several sunlight-related eye diseases, such as development and progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a degenerative disease of the retina for which there is currently no cure.

On the other side of the light spectrum, studies have shown that a specific range of long-wave blue light (the "good" rays) promotes balance in the body. More specifically, research has suggested that exposure to the range of good long-wave blue light helps create a positive physiological "uplift" in mood and alertness.

Is the SPY Happy Lens for everyone?

Yes! Once we tapped into the science behind the sun's "good" rays, we realized that the technology of allowing in the maximum amount possible would be beneficial to virtually anyone who wears sunglasses. The SPY Happy Lens™ technology was born of our desire to help people SEE BETTER and FEEL BETTER.

How does the SPY Happy Lens help you feel better?

The SPY Happy Lens™ lets in more of the "good" rays (specific long-wave blue light) than any other sunglass lens, while still blocking the "bad" (UV and short-wave blue light). Studies around the "good" rays have shown that specific light works in harmony with the human body, creating a positive physiological "uplift" in mood and alertness.

How does the SPY Happy Lens help you see better?

The SPY Happy Lens™ has color and contrast-enhancing lenses that are so clear and crisp you can feel the difference right when you put them on. Because they allow in much more of the "good" rays (specific long-wave blue light) the visual experience is much more vibrant and clear. Plus, it's polarized, which provides maximum glare reduction for even greater comfort and clarity around water or road reflection while driving or riding.

What other industries utilize this technology?

Studies on the benefits of the sun's "good" rays have inspired other products based on these scientific findings. Special light bulbs that recreate the "good" rays are currently being marketed to help "alleviate the symptoms of winter blues," stating their "energy light produces a particular kind of blue light that occurs naturally on very sunny, clear days. Special receptors in the eyes absorb this blue light which makes you feel energetic whenever you need it." Specific long-wave blue light is used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), whereby light boxes are used to expose patients to certain wavelengths. Windowpanes in offices and homes are now able to be made with panes that let in some "happy" light. The Happy Lens™ is the only sunglass that addresses the benefits of the "good" rays by allowing the maximal balanced amount to transmit through its patent-pending lens curve.

Wouldn't I get more good rays if I don't wear the Happy Lens sunglasses at all?

Of course, but you would also get all the "bad" rays that the Happy Lens™ blocks out. The bad rays can cause macular degeneration to your eyes.

Will the Happy Lens get me laid?

Just keep smiling. It's bound to happen.