The ABS Peter Aschauer GmbH is a dynamically growing and owner managed company dedicated to avalanche safety borne out of passion for winter sports. The ABS avalanche airbag is the original and market leader with sales in more than 25 countries worldwide. In the case of an avalanche it can prevent burial and therefore significantly increase the chances of survival. Innovation and commitment to highest quality standards ‘made in Germany’ are the essential factors for our long-term success.


In the 70s, a German forest ranger made an interesting discovery – caught in an avalanche, he owed his survival to the game he was carrying on his shoulders, since the latter allowed him to remain on the surface of the snow. Experiments with voluminous canisters and balloons followed. The idea for the avalanche airbag was born.

In 1980, Peter Aschauer acquired the patent after a first-hand avalanche experience. He founded the company ABS Peter Aschauer GmbH and started to develop a system that allowed avalanche victims to gain a sufficient increase in volume within seconds, without obstructing their ability to move.