Similar to most kids growing up in Prescott, Wisconsin, HMK owner and founder Kirk L. Zack's first mode of transportation was his Suzuki Snowmobile. He spent numerous weekend's out riding with friends as a kid, and it was while running the Brat stand during the local snowmobile drags at UW Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin, that he decided his love for snow sports would eventually send him full throttle into the sporting goods industry. After years of producing top of the line footwear, HMK has stepped into producing outerwear following the same standards of quality and innovation that the original Highmark boot encompassed. Now offering a full line of head to toe aggressive outdoor gear for all cold weather adrenaline enthusiasts HMK is proud to support and help develop the sports we love! Kirk's vision for HMK, and the entire line of products are to provide high quality gear for all snowmobile riders and cold weather, outdoor, adrenaline enthusiasts.