Troy Lee Designs


Creating products that innovate and lead the market requires a different way of thinking.

Our approach to solving problems is unique. We challenge conventions by turning problems upside-down to achieve advancements that are more intelligent. Our solutions, while sometimes complicated from an engineering standpoint, are designed to be simple, thoughtful and relevant. And of course, to stand out in a crowd.

With our vendors we have developed entirely new processes that shatter the limits of what is possible. As we lead the market toward fresh new styles, these processes become the standard by which all others are measured.

When creating products that meet your demands, we closely consider the amount of time you spend participating in your activities, how you are exposed to the elements, how your body moves and its temperature fluctuates during that time. It is this attention to detail that allows us to strike a perfect balance of performance, protection, comfort and style.

For 3 decades, Troy Lee Designs has been redefining style. And engineering how you stay comfortable and protected in the worst of conditions. Through intense research and development, we know a lot about your body and how it responds to heat and cold. We've developed our products to react to your body as it reacts to your environment.

The end result is a line of products that help you stay focused on your activity, and look great doing it. We have thought about your equipment, so you don't have to.