SLP High Load Clutch Kit for 2021 RZR-4 XP Turbo - 0-4500&


SLP High Load Clutch Kit for 2021 RZR-4 XP Turbo - 0-4500' - 41-8078

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This clutch kit is designed and manufactured in the USA. It is specific to the 2021 RZR-4 XP Turbo that came factory with the P90X HD clutch. This kit is calibrated for elevations of 0-4500' in heavy load conditions such as sand, mud, or with larger, heavier or more aggressive than stock tires. Note: If performance modifications, larger tires (3"+) or weight have been added to the RZR-4 XP Turbo, please let us know so we can tailor your clutch kit accordingly.

Benifits Include:
- Smooth engagement
- Increased acceleration
- Responsive backshift
- More overall consistency

All clutch kits are developed using Polaris OEM Belts: 2021 RZR-4 XP Turbo - #3211202. Using any other belt may require additional clutch tuning.

Some specialized tools are highly recommended for the installation of this SLP clutch kit:

- Clutch Cover Removal Tool #20-311 (magnetic flex nut driver to remove and install the clutch cover screws)
- Belt Removal Tool #50-60 (compresses the secondary clutch to easily remove the belt)
- Primary Clutch Holding Tool #20-310 (holds primary clutch from turning while removing and installing the retaining bolt)
- Clutch Compression Tool #20-230 (compresses secondary clutch for ease of dis-assembly and re-assembly when under spring tension)

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